Don’t lose a beloved family pet
because you can't afford the vet bill!

Vetcare Finance

Did you know that most Kiwi Vets have gone corporate? What this means, for example, is that if your much-loved dog, or cat, gets hit by a car and you don’t have about $2,000 to pay the bill there and then – at least a $500 deposit upfront before the trauma team will even start – there’s likely nothing the Vet can do for your pet?

Sorry, no credit

Gone are the days when vets gave urgent medical care to your cat or dog and let you pay later. They mostly answer to accountants and chief financial offers these days, and credit is not an option.

Insurance fishhooks

You could get your animal health insurance, but there are a few fishhooks. For one, it’s not cheap, and most of the time, you probably won’t use it for months or years, if ever… but you never know when you’re going to need it, right? 

There’s also the sticky problem of exclusions. Insurance won’t cover animals over eight years old, which is when they’re most likely to need it. Also, if your animal’s breed is known to have pre-existing conditions – like Labradors are prone to getting arthritis – the answer is ‘no, sorry, can’t help’. And don’t forget, insurers expect you to pay first and claim later – expecting that like you have that kind of cash handy?

But what if there was a better solution that’s there when you need it? 

  • No matter how urgent your dog or cat needs medical attention. 
  • Your beloved pet can be as young as 8 years old, and their age won’t stand in the way of her getting the treatment she needs. 
  • As for pre-existing conditions, no worries. Your dog will also be able to get help.

Convenient and timely vet care loans with Vetcare Finance

  • It’s like pet healthcare insurance, but only when you need it.
  • Finance approved within as little as an hour.
  • Easy application process via your smartphone.
  • If you only use part of the finance – say, $2,000 out of the $5,000 you may be approved for – the approval is held for 3 months, meaning you have 3 months to make use of the full $5000 approved amount.  
  • Money not spent. The balance is there for any ongoing or future treatment, but no interest or payments apply to money you did not draw down.

What happens when medical care is urgent?

Unlike humans, your pets don’t qualify for ACC. You will need to pay at least a substantial deposit upfront.

Lets say your beloved dog got hit by a car, and the Vet tells you it’s going to cost at least $2,000, but you don’t have the cash? No problem, Vetcare Finance can help.

  • Easy and fast applications process (you can apply online in the Vet’s waiting room if necessary).
    • Use the camera on your phone to take a photo of yourself and your ID, e.g. driver’s license.
    • Provide proof of address (this is a Government requirement under anti-laundering regulations). Most bills are sent by email, making it easier to provide this required documentation. 
  • Applications outcome in as little as an hour.
  • Most Vets know and recommend Vetcare Finance

At Vetcare Finance, we take all loan applications seriously. We understand that your pet is a member of your family, and they are looking to you to take care of them. Talk to Vetcare Finance we’ll help you help your pets in their time of need.

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