Frequently Asked Questions​

The fastest way is to fill out our easy to use Online Application form.

Our Interest rates start at 14.95% per annum and vary according to your credit score.

There is a standard $200.00 Establishment  fee for all new loans. For loans the require a vehicle for security an additional $30.00 PPRS fee that will be added to your loan. To know the exact cost please call us on toll-free 0508 738 765 and we can give you an obligation free quote.

Our website is available  for you to submit a loan applications 24/7.  Unfortunately we do not process loan applications outside of regular business hours. These are 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.  However your application will be the first processed the following business day and we will get back in touch with you within an hour of starting it. 

We do not require a deposit. All of our fees are worked in to your loan repayments and do not need to be paid up front, this make getting a loan with us super simple. 

Absolutely yes, Smartcover Finance Limited is committed to being a responsible lending company and is a registered member of the Financial Service Provider Register, as well as the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme. We pride ourselves on our responsible guideline as it keeps our customers safe. 

Firstly please contact Smartcover as we would like to resolve the issue for you. If you are not satisfied with the out come you are able to contact our Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme on 0508 337 337 and raise the complaint with them and they will act on your behalf to get it resolved. Is this a free service offered to all of our customers.

Yes, unlike mechanical insurance or Medical insurance we can assist you with any isuues, Big or Small, . We have no exclusions as we are giving you a loan to pay for the costs, so all services are covered. 

Yes, we can approve your loan application before you get help at the automotive workshop or medical providor,  before you even book in to see them. This will help take the stress out of thinking where your are going to find the money once you know that the final costs are.

In most cases, yes. Providing your loan is up to date, we can Top Up your account.

We provide loans from $500.00 up to $15,000.00 if  need. We always like to quote our customers with the higher loan amounts so they can make the best informed decision around what works for them. 

Our customers with interest-bearing loans will be charged a $50 Loan Closure fee, For those who have 0%pa interest loans a loan close fee of $50 is charged to cover the administration cost of closing your account. For a loan close quote please call 0508 738 765  

Call our office during our business hours and our team will be able to provide you with your current loan balance. While you have us on the phone, ask us about how to set you up with accesses to the customer portal.

BNZ Account Name “Smartcover Finance Ltd ”, 02-1244-0107386-26. Please ensure you use your loan number as the reference when making a payment into our bank account.

Yes, extra payments can be made into our bank account or with credit/debit card over the phone. Please call us during business hours to discuss the remainder of your payments once you have made a lump sum payment, as you may be able to reduce your ongoing instalment amount, and/or the term of your loan.

Both Visa and Mastercard payments are accepted. Call on during our business hours to make a payment using your credit/debit card.

In most cases, yes – just call us on 0508378765 during our business hours to discuss your payment schedule and what changes you would like to make. 

Yes, The Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 gives you a right for a short time after the terms of this contract have been disclosed to you to cancel the contract.

If you want to cancel this contract you must give written notice via email ( to us at Smartcover finance.  You must also return to the creditor any advances and any other property received by you under the contract.

If the Disclosure documents are handed to you directly you must give notice that you intend to cancel within 3 working days after you receive the documents.

If the Disclosure documents are sent to you by electronic means (for example, email) you must give notice that you intend to cancel within 5 working days after the electronic communication is sent.

Saturdays, Sundays, and national public holidays are not counted as working days.

If you cancel the contract Smartcover can charge you:

  1. The amount of any reasonable expenses the creditor had to pay in connection with the contract and its cancellation (including legal fees and fees for credit reports).
  2. Interest for the period from the day you received the advance until the day you repay the advance.

This statement only contains a summary of your rights and obligations in connection with the right to cancel. If there is anything about your rights or obligations under the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 that you do not understand, if there is a dispute about your rights, or if you think that the creditor is being unreasonable in any way, you should seek legal advice immediately.

Yes, providing your loan is up to date, we can top up your loan for any additional care required at your vet – for any pet.

Yes. We can provide a loan to cover your vet costs immediately if you need to put in a claim for your insurance company so they can pay you out. To start the process fill in our online application form 

Absolutely, we will be happy to call your store and offer our services to help you with your bill. Please call us during our business hours on 0508738765 and give us your stores information and we will follow up on your behalf. 

Yes we do offer 6 months interest free for loans between $500 – $5000.

*This is subject to your credit score.