Schedule Of Fees

Schedule of Fees
Item Fees
Establishment Fee $200
Topup Fee for loans UNDER $500 $30
Topup Fee for loans OVER $500 $80
Weekly administration Fee $2.60
Security/PPSR Fee $30
Security/PPSR transfer Fee $30
Refund Fee $15
Early settlement Fee $50
Cancellation Fee $35
Statement request Fee (posted only) $7
Document Courier Fee $7
Collection Fees​
Item Fees
Arrears management Fee $30
Final demand Fee $25
Prepossession notice $30
Repossession Fee $50
In-house tracing Fee $45
Issuance of court proceedings $150
Arrears rescheduling Fee $15

Recovery costs:
Costs relating to third party fees e.g. Repossession, Field agents fees, Tracing fees, Court costs etc. – As per third party invoice.

Interest rates from 14.95% – 27.95%
Our annual interest rates are variable depending on your individual circumstances. We assess your financial situation, not everyone else’s. If you would like us to quote your interest rate, submit an online application for a no obligation quote. This will not affect your credit score.