Merz Constructions


How do I apply for finance?
You can apply for finance in-store at any of our Agents, or by filling out the Online Application

 What is your Interest Rate?
Our standard Interest Rate is 19% per Annum and our Loan Default interest rates is 25% per Annum on the overdue balance.

Are there costs for establishing a loan with Smartcover Finance?
There is a standard $65 Application fee and a Booking fee that varies. The Booking fees are dependent on the total amount being financed and are only payable by you if your application is approved and loan documents created. These range from $100 to $350 for loans over $5000.00.

Is there an additional cost to Apply for Finance outside of office hours?

Vetcare finance is available to process finance applications 24/7.  However, there is an after-hours fee of $50 to cover the staffing cost to process your application.

Do the fees need to be paid upfront?
All of our fees are worked into your loan repayments and do not need to be paid up front.

What does the booking fees cover?
 The booking fee covers the management of your account over the full loan term, Including: 6 monthly regular statements, direct debt processing costs from your bank,  answering account queries, assisting with budgets and working with you and your budget advisors if you fall into hardship.

Is Smartcover Finance a responsible lender?
Smartcover Finance is committed to being a responsible lending company and is a registered member of the Financial Service Provider Register, as well as the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme.

Can I get pre-approved before seeing a Smartcover Agent?
Yes, we can approve your application before you visit an Agent – so you know the costs will be covered beforehand.

Can I “top up” my loan?
In most cases, yes. Providing your loan is up to date and you have an excellent payment history. Please call us during business hours to discuss your needs.

Is there a fee to pay off my loan early?
Yes. We do not charge you for loss of interest, however, there will be a settlement /administration fee of $50.y.

Can I get another loan if I’ve already paid mine off?
If your payment history with us is excellent, you are already pre-approved for another loan. Please call us during business hours to discuss your needs and to find out if you qualify for another loan.

Can I get a loan statement print out?
Yes, just call us during our business hours and we can email or post a statement out to you. Statements are sent by request only, as outlined in your Loan Agreement.

How can I find out the balance on my loan?
Call our office during our business hours and one of our team will be able to provide you with your current loan balance.

What is Smartcovers bank account number?
Please call Smartcover Finance so we are able to give your individual loan reference number and bank details, This is so your payment can be applied to the right Smartcover loan account. Payments without loan reference numbers will not be added to loans.

Can I pay/settle my loan early?
Yes, call us during our business hours for a loan settlement figure and instructions on how you can make your final payment.

Can I make “lump sum” payments?
Yes, extra payments can be made into our bank account or with credit/debit card over the phone. Please call us during our business hours to discuss the remainder of your payments once you have made a lump sum payment, as you may be able to reduce your ongoing installment amount and/or the term of your loan.

Can I change my payment schedule/frequency?
In most cases, yes – just call us during our business hours to discuss your payment schedule.

Can I make a payment with a credit card or debit card?
Both Visa and Mastercard payments are accepted. Call us during our business hours to make a payment using your credit/debit card.