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Vehicle Repair Finance

They say bad things happen in threes – which really speaks to the human need to see patterns in things than it is reality – but when it comes to car repairs, it may be partly true because the car is a system. You may be getting a WOF, and suddenly you’re replacing the tyres, the rotors and the brakes… At which time you may want to speak to Smartcover about Car Repair Loans

Why do car repairs come in threes?

If one thing breaks down in a car, it is very likely there are other things that go wrong. That’s because a car is a system, and a system is a sum of its parts. When one part is faulty, it puts pressure on other parts, causing more damage (the whole “threes” thing is a myth).

There’s another thing that may contribute to your motor vehicle repair costs. When New Zealand moved out of the requirement to get a WOF from six months to a year, car repairers lost half their revenue. Sometimes, some of them may feel you’re an excellent candidate to help them make up some of the shortfalls by failing your WOF.

Why panel beaters probably don't want your money

Most New Zealand panel beaters earn top dollar from the insurance companies. This means they charge more and aren’t interested in your cash – getting good help is challenging and expensive.

Why you can't always rely on insurance

Insurance can be a bit like your car. It works fine until you need it. Insurance is also no help when your under-25-year-old has landed you with more than a thousand dollars excess.

Garages don’t offer credit, and not everybody has a credit card – which can also be costly. You may be tempted to drive without a WOF, even for a bit while you raise the cash, but this nullifies your insurance. It’s also illegal and unsafe.

Innovative, Smartcover finance is like insurance when you need it

Smartcover’s Vehicle Repair Loans can help you when bad things happen in threes, when you need to get back on the road, legally and safely – and the same applies to any panel and paint repairs you may need doing.

  • Five-minute online application process online, on your smartphone.
  • Loans up to $15,000.
  • Repayments that suit your income and budget.

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